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Norm Wattenberger

Norman Wattenberger is the information technology head at Demand Derivatives Corp. He has worked for over 40 years in the IT field in the areas of operating systems, communications, security, databases, simulation, performance, financial applications, planning, and decision analysis. Prior to Demand Derivatives, he was co-founder and IT head at Decision Drivers, Inc, a technology decision-analysis corporation.  He was responsible for development of expert systems and software used by buyers to analyze large IT acquisitions and by sellers to determine their positions in the marketplace. Clients included IBM, Dell, Sun, Cisco, Intel, and Hewlett-Packard. The company was acquired by Gartner Research where Wattenberger continued to direct the subsidiary’s software efforts.

Norm was a vice president at Citibank, leading the Strategy and Architecture Area for the international consumer businesses. This was a centralized technology group covering 75 businesses in 45 countries. Areas included back-office systems, transactions systems, and communications. The area also created the overall technology architecture for U.S. consumer businesses. The division’s facilities management and computer center also reported to Norm.

Earlier, Norm was Associate Director, Center for Computing and Information Services, at Rutgers University, initially in charge of systems and later in charge of planning. This included acquisition and use of mainframe, minicomputers, microcomputers and communications for education and research.

Norm has also acted as an independent contractor in areas of performance, operating system modification, and applications development. Applications designed, developed, and implemented include credit union management and payroll systems.

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