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"Demand Derivatives is a groundbreaking futures exchange and clearing house project the need for which is greater than ever before. The market needs products that reduce not only risk but also costs. Demand Derivatives instruments solve this in a way that current futures contracts do not."

Hirander Misra

Chairman & CEO of GMEX Group



"The highly experienced team at Demand Derivatives is going to transform the business of risk management and ultimately the control of large risks in the economic fabric of society. The CEO, Robert Krause, has been at the forefront of risk concepts and risk mitigation for decades.  We were thrilled when last

year he agreed to serve on Brandywine’s advisory


Mike Dever

CEO, Brandywine Asset Management



“Demand Derivatives is building the futures exchange of the future!”


Francois d’Hautefeuille

Founder and CEO of Hamilton Coin Ltd.



“The risk-limiting concept has the potential to really benefit the markets.  I do think this will transform the retail, derivative risk-taking markets due to their superior design.”

Michael O’Connell

Former CME Group Managing Director and

Former Director of Demand Derivatives



“Demand Derivatives is always on the cutting edge of developing new derivative products that can be used for both trading or hedging.  By listing them on regulated markets, they will offer transparency and a reduction of transaction costs.”

Jeffrey S. Cain

Head of Treasury & Corporate Finance Americas

A large publicly traded conglomerate

New Jersey


"RealBOT and RealClear are simply the smartest things to hit the financial markets since the invention of derivatives. They’ve been developed and perfected by a few brilliant people over some ten years and I’m thrilled to be an investor now that their operations are soon to go live."

Eric Salsberg

Vice President of a large publicly traded

financial services holding company



“As a three-time successful entrepreneur and a new venture capitalist, I believe there are only a rare handful of truly great opportunities, like Facebook, that many VCs nonetheless allow to pass by, refusing to recognize them for the golden nuggets they are.  With almost 20 years as an entrepreneur and one year as a VC, I strongly believe that Demand Derivatives has more than the potential to become one of these, and fast.“

Damien Balsan

General Partner, Conexo VC



“The unique ideas and patents that were created by Demand Derivatives will change investing by allowing average investors to utilize futures in a controlled risk framework. These exciting new products will also allow advisers and professional money managers to replicate complex hedge fund strategies.”

Andrew Kumiega, Ph.D.  CQE, CQA, CSQE,


Senior IT Governance and

Reliability Adviser to Demand Derivatives


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