Updated 26 November 2020


RealBOT LLC, dba RealDemand Board of Trade (“RealBOT™” or the “Exchange”) a wholly owned subsidiary of Demand Derivatives Corp. (“DDC”), is offering memberships on the Exchange.  The four categories of membership include various benefits.  All categories offer phased pre- and post-launch discounts.  Only Full Memberships entitle the member to vote for a representative on the Advisory Board.  Upon determining the desired category of membership, applicants who are approved by the Exchange for membership may enter into a separate agreement to be classified as Designated Market Makers (“DMMs”) or Designated Market Facilitator (“DMFs”).  All other members will be classified as Sponsored Market Participants (“SMPs”).  The three membership classifications are outlined in the Membership Requirements section below.  Names of approved members may be used by DDC for marketing, public relations, capital-raising, and regulatory purposes.  All membership details subject to CFTC approval.

There are three membership types:

  1. Full memberships (”FM”)

  2. Instrument memberships (“IM”)

  3. Asset-class memberships (“AM”)

Membership Application Form

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Note:  form must be physically signed and notarized.  Electronic signatures not accepted.

  • Up to 90% discount on pre-launch membership fees

  • 100% discount on data fees

  • Passthrough interest on cash balances

  • Memberships may be leased or sold at any time (after launch)

  • Limited risk on all positions to all participants

  • Fee Discounts:

    • DMFs:  Up to 50% fee-sharing

    • DMMs:  90% discount on exchange fees and clearing fees

    • SMPs:  50% discount on exchange fees and clearing fees

  • For DMMs:

    • Allowed to make two-sided markets

    • Near to 100% order flow in RealLimit futures

    • Net margining

    • 100% discount on DMM co-location setup fees (in Phase I and II)


Note:  click on the "Benefits" link above for additional details.

Membership is REQUIRED for DMMs and DMFs.

Membership is OPTIONAL for SMPs

Membership Prices