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Jeromee Johnson

Jeromee Johnson serves as a Board Director for Demand Derivatives Corp.  He is an experienced start-up executive and an investor, entrepreneur, and technologist with a passion for global markets and market structure.  He is a widely recognized industry executive, an electronic trading and capital markets systems expert, and has been acknowledged globally for sharing insight in the areas of trading technology, financial markets regulation, and the connection between them. 

Jeromee was Executive Vice President and a member of the executive team at Miami International Holdings, where he was responsible for their global markets initiatives.  Prior to that, he was responsible for the options business at BATS Global Markets.  At BATS, he led their entry into derivatives and was responsible for the creation, management, and strategy of BATS Options.  During his seven years on the management team at BATS, the company scaled from a single U.S. equity exchange to operate almost a dozen of the largest cross-asset exchanges, globally.

Mr. Johnson was President of 3D Markets – the first options “dark pool” – a crossing network for equity options, designed to help bring large institutional OTC trades back to the listed, regulated environment.  At 3D, he was responsible for strategy, product development, technology, sales, and brokerage operations.  Prior to 3D, at the TABB Group, Jeromee advised capital market participants, and their providers, on technology and strategy issues.  He is the author of a number of seminal industry titles including: Locating the Invisible: Aggregating Dark Book Liquidity, Groping in the Dark: Navigating Crossing Networks and Other Dark Pools of Liquidity, and Trading at Light Speed: Analyzing Low Latency Market Data Infrastructure.

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