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Revolutionary Futures Exchange and Clearing House to Trade the World’s Major Assets in a Creative New Way*

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*Subject to CFTC and SEC approval

A Compelling Case for a Radical New
Futures Exchange and Clearing House

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RealDemand Board of Trade

RealDemand Clearing House

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RealVol Indices and Instruments


RealDay Options


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RealLimit Futures

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Don't Risk Your Fortune

Real Demand


"Our instrument designs can reduce systematic risks for traders
and can eliminate systemic risk in the futures industry."



Demand Derivatives is a pre-revenue, large-scale, financial technology startup — a revolutionary U.S.-regulated futures exchange and clearing house trading traditional, non-crypto, assets in a creative new way. Demand Derivatives' edge comes from re-engineered 175-year-old contract designs by using four novel, IP-protected, fully collateralized instruments that guarantee payments, eliminate large losses, increase leverage, expedite clearing, and reduce costs.

A team of industry veterans targeting institutional market participants — along with superior technology, unique risk/reward profiles, and precise executions — will help protect markets from a derivatives-induced global financial meltdown.



Currently, our realized volatility indices are available via Nasdaq (go to  Check back for developments.  Better yet, fill out our contact form below and we will let you know when our exchange is ready for launch.

Real Benefits

Instrument Overview

A suite of realized volatility indices and instruments
Will deliver cutting-edge advancements to
control price risk
daily options
Will provide precision, convenience, and cost reductions when hedging daily event risks


Listed country
equity indices
Will transform the global equity index marketplace with capital efficiencies and substantial cost cuts


Limited risk
futures contracts
Will eliminate both open-ended risks for traders and systemic risks for
the industry


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For any inquiries, please call or email

1-888-865-9267   |

Mailing address

99 Wall Street, Suite 3901, New York, NY  10005


Please fill in the following contact card:

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