A Revolutionary Futures Exchange and Clearing House Trading the World’s Major Assets in a Creative New Way*

*Subject to CFTC and SEC approval


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Real Demand


Our instrument designs can reduce systematic risks for traders
and can eliminate systemic risk in the futures industry.



Demand Derivatives Corp. is the parent company for the forthcoming innovative, vertically integrated futures exchange RealDemand Board of Trade (“RealBOT™”) and its dedicated clearing house RealDemand Clearing (“RealClear™”) (upon CFTC and SEC approval) destined to trade the world’s major assets in a creative new way.  The company plans to use its four unique instrument designs, pioneering blockchain technology, instant clearing, and default-free, fully collateralized positions to create a significant competitive challenge to existing exchanges and clearing houses.


Futures contracts have not changed in over 150 years.  Futures exchanges develop new assets but then list the same inefficient futures contracts on those assets.  Our exchange, in contrast, redefines and reimagines the essence of the instrument itself.  Our instruments add precision, risk control, and large cost reductions that are not possible with present-day contract designs.


Currently, our realized volatility indices are available via Bloomberg terminals (RVOL <GO>) and Quandl (go to RealVol.com).  Check back for developments.  Better yet, fill out our contact form below and we will let you know when our products are ready for launch.

Real Benefits

Instrument Overview

A suite of realized volatility indices and instruments
Will deliver cutting-edge advancements to
control price risk
daily options
Will provide precision, convenience, and cost reductions when hedging daily event risks


Listed country
equity indices
Will transform the global equity index marketplace with capital efficiencies and substantial cost cuts


Limited risk
futures contracts
Will eliminate both open-ended risks for traders and systemic risks for
the industry


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